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Like a great song, a great marketing plan can send  your company into stardom.
In the music world as in business, you have many parts.  The band (business), music (products), management, marketing along with production and distribution. Every band signed to a record company has this in place yet only a few reach the ranks of Rock Star status.  What sets superstars apart from their contemporaries is the quality of songs and how well they differentiate themselves from everyone else. Just read off the following names then blurt out the first words that come to mind. Ozzy Osborn, KISS, Madonna, Rolling Stones. The images in your head have sold millions of records and concert tickets, garnered bus loads of publicity and created lasting impressions for each of these artists. 

We won’t write your songs for you but we can assist you in creating lasting impressions designed to garner raving fans. And no, you don’t have to bite the head off a bat, become a drug addict or wear conical chest ware.  Call us when you’re ready, to turn your business into a rock star. 425-743-6161

A glimpse into the music world.
In years past any band good enough eventually signed with a label. Once they were signed they could trust the record company to take care of them. Today the music industry has changed. Thanks to the Internet and mp3 technology musicians are scrambling to stay up with the way people listen and buy music.   In the past bands had to rely on radio play, MTV and record companies to help them.  Today thanks to social media many of today’s bands are using these sites to get the word out about their music.

Yet with so many opportunities today’s bands still face the same dilemma they've always faced; setting themselves apart from everyone else. The same picture is taking place within the business world. In a frantic effort to stay up with the Joneses companies are jumping on the social media bandwagon in hopes it will be their backstage pass to stardom. Yet in all too many cases the end result is remaining another non descript mid sized company among other mid sized companies. 

In both cases what’s lacking is the Promoter who understands the ins and outs of the media world who can assemble the right mix of creative individuals needed to carry out a comprehensive marketing plan which contains eaqual parts new and old media mix.
 In the end it’s your choice. Stay in the woodshed or hit the road.* When you’re ready to hit the road give us a call. 425-743-6161

*Wood-shedding, a term used to describe practicing, related to the word “Axe” a term used to describe a guitar.



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