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Effective Advertising is like a great song that captures the heart of its hearers.  Yet as good as any song might be written, it won’t touch the heart of everyone. The reason is simple: Some people like rock music, while others like pop and still others like country. Knowing who your intended audience is, is the first step to creating award winning results driven ad campaigns.
The second step to creating award winning campaigns is to understand which media outlets are best suited to reach your intended audience. With more media outlets than ever to choose from be it offline or online, without a strategy you just want make the cut. Our formula for success is simple: Strategy + Message + Delivery System = Results. Helping companies put together winning formulas is what were about.
Sometimes all a band needs to create a hit song is a second set of ears. This second set of ears comes in the form of an independent producer. A great producer can work with a band to elevate their songs from being ok to becoming the next big hit. Phil Specter and Quincy Jones are just two star maker producers. The reason is simple a good producer hears things the band can’t hear, he also understands the process of drawing out the best in his clients because he is separate and not attached and is able to breath in fresh insights into stale songs. The same rings true for marketing managers who could use the assistance of an outside set of eyes to assist them with improving upon what he or she is already doing. 
Sound Image Solutions can act as your independent producer. We’ll sit down with you to evaluate the effectiveness of your current Advertising, Marketing and Branding efforts with the purpose of propelling you into stardom.
Corporate Identity
Building longevity for your product and company begins with discovering and exploiting your uniqueness, this is called brand building or creating a corporate identity. In days gone by this may have consisted of nothing more than a company logo with a catchy tag line.  Today it’s much broader in some cases even encompassing a company’s very DNA. 
Creating memorable imagery is as important today as it’s ever been. Just like rock stars of old who understood image is everything today wise companies also know that image is everything. We work with companies to create memorable imagery designed to reflect the heritage and uniqueness of its given products and services.
Steve is a professional storyteller who connects businesses to future clients through the written, visual and audible word.
As good as any company may be, without a game plan to get exposure they will end up dieing a slow death. Creating a marketing plan is the lynch pin that propels both bands and business alike into super stardom. Ever wonder why some bands make it even though their music isn’t that good while other bands whose song writing is stellar just can’t seem to make it? It has a lot to do with how well the band was packaged and marketed. The same goes for companies and products. Its not always how good you are but how well you are marketed.
The Sex Pistols were a dismal band with hardly any talent yet they acted so outrageously they garnered a ton of free publicity which in turn got them signed to a record deal. In the end though they put out very little in the way of music they’re still a household name thanks to a great name and marketing strategy created by their manager. We can’t promise to make your company as famous as the Sex Pistols, but we can work with you to create a detailed track-able marketing plan designed to propel your company as far is it will go.
Targeted Advertising Products
Any fan of music knows there’s never a shortage of branded merchandise being sold or given away at a concert. Smart bands understand the value of offering their fans a chance to obtain a branded piece of merchandise. These branded items are worn and treasured by their owners for years, long after their Bic lighter has run out. At times a marketing strategy will call for the use of targeted advertising products to be used as part of the advertising mix, in these cases we provide this value added service to our clients.
Speaking Engagements
Steve Johann president of SIS is available for limited speaking engagements. Steve speaks on various topics covering the world of Advertising, Branding, Business and Marketing. His talks are designed to challenge, educate, inspire and entertain his audience. You will always leave with useful bits of wisdom you can apply to your life and business.
Voice Work
Steve is a versatile voice talent offering his services as Voice Over Artist, Narrator, Storyteller and Show Host


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