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The Power of Image Enhancement Tools

The Power of Image Enhancement Tools

In a world drowning in Advertising how do you get your message heard? Do you place your message in a bottle and send it out with the next tide and just pray for some kind of response? That’s what thousands of businesses do every day. How is that you say? Well just think about it for a moment, when you place an ad in the local Newspaper, Trade Publication, TV or Radio you are doing just that, because you are sending out a broad message to a wide and diverse population under the assumption that you will hit some interested party. In some cases this works, as in Mortgage, Roofing or Beer companies to name a few but look at their audience home owners and beer drinkers. On the other hand specialized companies and Bus to Bus typically spend more than they make with a few exceptions.

A Better Way.

The wise use of Image enhancement Tools IET. can do wonders at getting and keeping your message in front of your target audience and usually at a much lower price per reach than any other medium. Let me explain by way of a true story.

A True Story.

Challenge: Seattle based landscaping company wants to grow their business on a limited marketing budget.

Strategic Plan: Decide who target audience will be among the million plus residents of King County. They decided on a small number (5,000) of single home dwellings in a specific Seattle neighborhood. Choose the best method to reach target audience that would not only get a quick response but a residual response as well.

The choice: We ended up choosing a customized single side printed Door Hanger with a Full color Frame magnet attached that had their Logo and phone number on it. There was a coupon offer on hanger as well.

Distribution method: Company hired a “Youth Group” for pennies per door hanger to distribute the door hangers to their intended target audience in one day.

Outcome: An 800% return on their marketing dollars. This company went from roughly $50,000 in sales in one year to $350,000 the next. The phone calls were immediate and even 13 plus months later they still get calls from prospects to come and give them a bid from the original magnet they have attached to their refrigerator!

Why Choose Image Enhancement Tools?

Longest shelf life of all Advertising Mediums. Example: Wall calendar, writing Instrument, Apparel Item. All of these items get repeated exposure by the end user and those around him. A Branded Coffee Mug that gets used in some ones office setting gets dozens if not hundreds of exposures daily. A wall, desk or monitor calendar will get just as many exposures per day as well. Did you know that the average Branded clothing article can get up to 30,000 exposures in its life time.

The most direct means to get your message in front of prospect or client. The Promotional Item can be hand delivered, sent in the mail or given out at Trade shows to prospects. No matter what way you get it into their hands they will not only want it but use it or keep it. They won’t through it away like a hand out or simple mailer or miss it as in an Ad in a Trade Pub or newspaper.

The most versatile of all advertising methods. A Promotional product can be a means to an end or an end to a means. Example: a special Direct mail piece with a Branded Golf Tee attached to it with a message to invite all Distributors to partake in a 6 month Contest revolving around Golf. Those who do A. amount in business receive a Ping embroidered Golf Cap. Those who go to the level B. receive an Embroidered Nike Golf Shirt. Those who go to D level receive an Embroidered Nike Wind Shirt and those who get to level D are invited to 18 holes of golf and receive a special Award. This can be used with your sales team as well. We can tailor any contest around any theme that you can imagine.

The Best value for your dollars when used correctly. Just giving out a gift or leave behind doesn’t get you the most bang for your dollars. When combined with another offer or used in conjunction with an ad campaign you will get more mileage out of Promotional product. Let me explain. If you have not come up with a slogan to set your company apart from all other like companies then you should. Once you have you should make sure to place it on everything that goes out of your office. Ours is Enhancing Your Image that is what sets Sound Image Solutions apart from all our competitors. We are here to enhance the companies that we work with image in the greater market place. We are here in enhance the image of the purchasers of our products in the eyes of their superiors by helping them to shine! What ever you come up with you need to advertise it and one way to do this is by placement on a Promotional Product.

Instant response. You will always get an instant response from the recipient of a thoughtful promotional product. When one of your prospects gets a unique item along with your mailing piece she will remember your company and when you call will be more open to listen to what you have to offer. Or when your sales staff hands out calendars at the end of the year, your clients will be grateful and they will appreciate the thoughtfulness behind the action. On the other hand if you hand them a piece of junk they will toss it and think twice before they call you for your services.

What to look for in a Promotional products provider.

Offers a 100% guarantee on all products. If something goes wrong, will get it fix ed! Spells out pricing, no hidden charges. Won’t under bid then make it up on hidden charges. Competitive honest pricing. They understand the value of their services that they bring to their clients. Timely Response to customer concerns. Attention to details: Imprint and Graphic Quality a must. Good Product Knowledge and selection. Accurate order fulfillment - makes sure orders are correctly put together. Prompt and timely delivery of orders. The ability to meet customer deadlines. Sample availability Honesty. Willing to own up to any mishaps and willingness to fix the problem, want pass the buck.


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